OverSeer 3.0

Central control unit

Central control unit has been projected and constructed in close cooperation of system users, programmers and engineers. Thanks to all considerations we have joined into to one housing all necessary functions such as controlling module, communication module with data buffering capacity and Li-Ion battery for back-up power supply.

SmartNode 2.0

Luminaire Controller

Luminaire controller has been projected and constructed in outstanding cooperation with luminaire producers, programmers and engineers. Controller is installable directly inside of the luminaire casing or separately into weatherproof housing. Luminaire controller is capable to switch in separate lights on the same mast of the controlled luminaire or if necessary two luminaries on the same mast. It measures all needed parameters and has input for different sensors as for example motion sensor.

SmartNode Z, SmartNode N

Luminaire controller with Zhaga or NEMA interface

Gridens has developed adjustable luminaire controllers according Zhaga and NEMA standards.  Zhaga is global lighting-industry organization that aims to standardize components of LED luminaires. Association NEMA is oriented on the same goal.